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How We Work

Artistic designs customized to your taste & style
Want to discover the perfect interior design for your home

We have a team of professionals who handle sales, construction, designers, finance management and administration at office and a pool of skilled labourers who can execute our plan of action in the best way possible. We provide services in and around Kerala

We work on the basis of the Dearest Customer Value Assurance Model, This model has almost 60 steps and in the first step we collect information from the customers in the first place. We shall provide the proposal only after getting the complete information.Then we take measurements and provide 2D designs which are followed by the 3D designs. Each stage is completed only after verification and authentication from the customer. After completion of the project, we transfer the projects to Dearest Services and after care. We provide a sapling to all our customers to commemorate our service and to embrace our principle of sustainability. We also provide 5care certification for a period of five years including regular inspections for maintenance and other related services. 

We also provide insurance coverage for perils like fire and natural calamities thus ensuring the safety of your spaces. Whether you are working abroad or anywhere else, you can leave your dreams of perfect space in our hands trusted by thousands of happy customers.